Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I stare at you in silence holding a storm of words inside my stomach. The moment is perfect, the silence pristine, the nothingness surrounding us like a bubble. It is not evening, and the afternoon sun has not faded yet. We are frozen in time. Plain frozen in timeboxes that are more than just trices.

Come close to me. Keep your face close to mine.

The twinkle in your eyes is like silver stardust. And, the fragrance of your unkempt hair makes me want to feel the faded light that falls on your face. We are a single silhouette.

Let me hold you in my arms.

I want you to keep looking into my eyes, and pull me by my Om pendent and ruffle my hair a little. I want us to lie in silence, my head near your heart.

I love you.

But I don't say it. You don't hear it. Today there are no words. Only a single strand of colourful silence that binds our souls together.