Sunday, September 28, 2008


Ruhi left for home yesterday, and I leave in eight hours. Chummy has to stay alone in the block for three more days after which she takes a flight to her manarbaari in Pune. Poorva left in the morning for Delhi. Anjali and Neha have left too, and Anjali isn't coming back. There's a void in the block. Somehow leaving hostel and going home seems weird. It's like leaving another home. :(

I think I'm really going to miss you guys for the next twenty days.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birthday. Twenty First September.

This should have come on my birthday itself, but the obstinate internet refused to work and we were too busy with presentations.

Turning nineteen away from home. Several phone calls. One phone call rejected. Two birthday cakes. Cake on my face. On my hands. On my hair. Cake on my phone. Conference with the two favouritestest people in my life. One BIG handmade poster. Sweet smses. Powder holi, and Powder aa main tere maang mein powder bhaar doon. And who can forget the jhhaaroo dance that wouldn't get videotaped? :P
Washing the cake off with a smile on my face and washing fourteen clothes. And then sleeping for ten whole hours. Whoa! Kya birthday thha!

Thank you, Roomies. I couldn't guess when you guys planned it all. Thank you Natty, Aditi, Prag and Jeet, alongwith Anjali and Peyali Di. Thank you Bhai for being the first one to call up. Thank you Ma for missing me ( I know you did!). Thanks Sweety, Sudoku, Dishita, Nidhi, Bugsie, Jasprit, Dabba and Mona. Thank you Gyaani (Mwuah :P)... Thank you everyone who made the birthday a birthday worth remembering. :) Now I can take another beautiful memory home for my holidays.

Friday, September 12, 2008

a very chocolatey declaration.

now here's presenting a new space for ranting. yes this blog's here to stay as well. but chocolate is more me. somewhere i can be the sillylittlegirl that i am.

so go get yourself a

Monday, September 8, 2008


ei dekh brishti aashbe. tor brishti te megh daaka khuub bhalo laagena?

... and somehow monsoon played upon my lips all day. i think i played monsoon about twentytimes on my cellphone anyway. yes twentytimes. reminded me of an unforgotten fragrance. bheja maati'r shugondho. somehow i love the rain. the staccato of the raindrops on the red windowpane seemed like solace that day.. the workers ran away, it was a holiday. berlin wall - the BIG wall in front of the window was all mine. i could stare at it for as long as i wanted. the canvas for my reveries. thankfully my bed is beside the window. i get to experience the rainsparks and the thunderclaps first. and my sky turns a greyish hue only for me.. somehow i love the rain. i think it rained even on the day i was born.

raindrops are happiness. the song is joy.

brishti shuru hoyegechhe? dekh bheejte gechhe aabaar!

the rain seems to have blurred it all. aah! rain music! rain music flowing from the strings of your guitar.. as you slowly strum your way into my reveries.

puro bheeje gechhe dekh!

the berlin wall was once a dead-end. it is under-construction now. and i like it when the raindrops melt onto my face as i stare at the berlin wall.

oof! ei meyetaake niye ekdom paaraa jaayena!

sometimes i keep forgetting that there is home in sight. just around the corner.

running through the monsoon
beyond the world,
till the end of time
where the rain won't hurt...
fighting the storm into the blues..
when i lose myself, i think of you..

p.s.: this picture is by me from the window of the university bus.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The laptop arrived today. And it is a delight - an absolute delight to come back to my world again. To forge my nexus with the virtual world again. Ah! The joys of technology! :)

Now I can blog regularly, and read and comment on other blogs too. And not forgetting, finishing my projects too. :)