Monday, September 8, 2008


ei dekh brishti aashbe. tor brishti te megh daaka khuub bhalo laagena?

... and somehow monsoon played upon my lips all day. i think i played monsoon about twentytimes on my cellphone anyway. yes twentytimes. reminded me of an unforgotten fragrance. bheja maati'r shugondho. somehow i love the rain. the staccato of the raindrops on the red windowpane seemed like solace that day.. the workers ran away, it was a holiday. berlin wall - the BIG wall in front of the window was all mine. i could stare at it for as long as i wanted. the canvas for my reveries. thankfully my bed is beside the window. i get to experience the rainsparks and the thunderclaps first. and my sky turns a greyish hue only for me.. somehow i love the rain. i think it rained even on the day i was born.

raindrops are happiness. the song is joy.

brishti shuru hoyegechhe? dekh bheejte gechhe aabaar!

the rain seems to have blurred it all. aah! rain music! rain music flowing from the strings of your guitar.. as you slowly strum your way into my reveries.

puro bheeje gechhe dekh!

the berlin wall was once a dead-end. it is under-construction now. and i like it when the raindrops melt onto my face as i stare at the berlin wall.

oof! ei meyetaake niye ekdom paaraa jaayena!

sometimes i keep forgetting that there is home in sight. just around the corner.

running through the monsoon
beyond the world,
till the end of time
where the rain won't hurt...
fighting the storm into the blues..
when i lose myself, i think of you..

p.s.: this picture is by me from the window of the university bus.


Arjun said...

welcome back to the online realm!!
missed you!!

little boxes said...

beautiful expressions...
yeah the rains do something to each one of us!