Sunday, February 1, 2009

Got Tagged After Ages!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.
(Actually this is a Facebook tag by Beadysea but I cannot access Facebook because of the Wi-fi here, so completing this on the blog.)

01. I love chocolates, and somehow I cannot imagine doing without them. :)
02. I cannot get through the day without writing. It could be either on the blogs or in the diary but I've got to write. Writing and expressing in words keeps me sane. I feel rather disoriented if I don't.
03. Music keeps me going. Ask anyone and they'd say that I cannot do without my headphones. I'm always listening to music. I probably get my headphones off only when I'm bathing or when I'm attending lectures. Headphonic idiot ta toh emni emni bolena lokera. :P
04. I love walking. Long long walks. Maybe with a chocolate in hand. Walking alone helps me calm the chaos inside. However, if I had to walk with someone, it would always be either A or my best buddies, Sudu or Sweety. :)
05. I do a hell lot of random photography. On the streets, at home, in the hostel, in college - almost everywhere. And I tend to add words to the photographs to create poesy. Sometimes these very photographs become my muse.
06. I read a lot. If I cannot find anything relevant to read, I read up the Dictionary.
07. I have a fetish for weirdness. I'm pretty weird and prefer to be friends with weird people.
08. It takes me quite a long time to open up to people. I come across as an extrovert but I can be myself to very very few people. And when I'm close to people, I bare my heart to them so they kind of have all the opportunity to hurt me if they'd like. However, I'm not a weak person so I don't wear my heart on my sleeve.
09. I'm quite a foodie. LOVE and LIVE to eat.
10. I'm quite a romantic person, I've been told.
11. Ridiculous as it may sound, I love getting lost. I think the vagabond in me revels everytime I get lost on the roads or something. Sometimes, I just keep walking onto unknown, unseen roads in the hope of finding myself lost.
12. I'm a staunch radical feminist. :D
13. I hate people encroaching my private space. There are very few people who can toe the line and tread into "my world".
14. I can't stand insecure and weak men. I'm talking about those "mamma's boys" who cannot do a thing themselves and depend on their mums/girlfriends/sisters/wives for everything. It's weird how their macho-image comes to pieces when they have a crisis they can't handle, and it's weirder how they run to mums/girlfriends/sisters/wives then. Yes, mard ko bhi dard hota hai but please, don't make your dard so immensely melodramatic.
15. I'm a sentimental person, yes.
16. I can be aggressive and shrewd and hypocritical when needed. And yes, it is indeed needed at times, to survive in this BIG bad world.
18. I like to keep things to myself most of the times. Even if I get angry/hurt by someone's (even close people) behaviour I tend to keep it within. I don't call for emotional help until I explode.
19. I love the rains. Maybe it is something to do with being born in September, but I just love love love the rains. The rains do something to me, I suppose. I get into too much emo poesy during the rains. I think I get a creative high during the monsoons.
20. I either talk too much or too little.
21. I get myself into a whole lot of trouble. :P
22. I have a weird imagination. If there is missing information about something, I tend to make up stories in my mind about it.
23. I tend to be rather detached at times which is why sometimes I'm thought to be insensitive.
24. I value my freedom. I hate explaining myself unnecessarily to unnecessary people, and I hate being dictated. You get the best of me when you let me be.
25. I'm almost twenty years old and still haven't understood what "love" means. The term is a little overrated yes, and we tend to use to for almost everything. Yet, we never really comprehend what love is. Funny, eh?

Phew! It's done. :D


little boxes said...

you love rains...i think it's got to do with your name...

SMM said...

Well said Kiddo....kaisa hai? Been a while.

What's In A Name ? said...

bhaari informative tag toh rey! :)