Friday, June 12, 2009


I haven't been blogging much. The problem is I cannot get myself to conjure up nice poetic things in my head anymore. No, it's not a block or a hiatus. It's more than that. I do write in my private blog once-in-a-while, though. In fact, I had actually thought of deleting this blog a few days back.

Anyway, I haven't done much since I came back from Delhi. Only read a lot, watched old episodes of Friends, Boston Legal and Full House, ate and slept. I also went to the court a couple of times and ran around in search of a second internship. Hmm, I haven't done much. Only thought too much about life and got depressed. In fact, I can't wait to get back to college (Yes, if Ma reads this, she IS going to kill me) to start the next semester and work my ass off, again.

I have been procrastinating. There is a paper to be written, and I haven't even read enough for it. I'm sure A and S (joint-authors, and very very close friends) haven't read too. I'm wondering what we are going to do at the conference if we don't have a clue about anything.

Hmm, in other news, I have become a quieter, more eccentric woman. People don't like me, and I don't like people much. I think I'm getting crazier, and my blog, it's dying.

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