Tuesday, September 8, 2009

moving on.

happiness is not one place. happiness is not the swallows of a deadcity. happiness is not insomnia. happiness is not the distance in affection.

happiness is travel. happiness is a new road. happiness was never safety. safety and settlement are way too overrated. happiness is knowing that you can change. happiness is knowing that you can even do without change. happiness is hypocrisy. happiness is saying one thing and doing another. happiness is a labyrinthine; you'll never get out alive.

running around in circles. happiness is godot. happiness is out of reach.

for me happiness is traveling. vagabond-ish.

happiness isn't this blog, anymore. happiness is finding another new road.


happiness might just be a leftover canopy of clouds. =)


saptarshi said...

Happiness is a decision. It is not something that happens to you :)

Magically Bored said...

I shall blogroll!

kaiza shozey said...

thats alot of explanations for "happiness" O.O

Heavenly Muse said...

@ saptarshi
very true!!!

well...this is the true charm of happiness that it does not ahve any specific definition

BluEJoKe said...

amused in pursuit.....


Vagabond said...

beautiful. i read it out to my mom who always manages to stay happy and i wonder how.

we share the same name =D