Monday, June 30, 2008

in search of blogsubjects.

i have been searching for blogsubjects to write on recently. yes, really. i mean there is a perpetual dearth of blogsubjects, don't you think? like there's a perpetual dearth of goodlooking, intellectual, sensible and chivalrous men. i've planned to start dating men with the aforementioned qualities but, sadly, they are hard to find. either they're taken or they don't exist. not that i've looked everyplace. i want to begin with fiji, botswana and places suchlike. in all probability, i WON'T find any goodlooking, intellectual, sensible and chivalrous men. i think they're more blogsubjects than are nicemen. but oh, bother!

anyway, where were we? blogsubjects, yes. the photo blog is easier to update, y'know. just upload a randomlyclickedpicture, put a catchy tagline and add a footnote. people are impressed at your photography skills and relatives are curious as to why you've suddenly taken to try your hand at random photography. or photography of any kind, for that matter. they treat photography as if it were rocket science, and you being a poor, little humanities student wouldn't be able to manage it. ha! so, the photoblog always has an easy update. i do have a poetry blog.. but i'm abstaining from poesy for a while. i haven't been philosophical/romantic/dark in quite sometime now. i have been making a fool of myself, though. i could write about all that in this blog, of course. or, how i get shouted at after i wake just before noon. actually, it's frustrating for my parents to have an incorrigible kid like me in the house. so, they're sending me off. to college. they could have got me married too, right? but then, no nicemen, remember? they are all extinct.

i prettymuch think i'm worse to my blog than to my parents. at least when they call me/shout at me, i tend to reply in monosyllables. i don't care to give my poor lil bloggie-doggie an update mostofthetimes. i wouldn't mind filling it up with blogthings but then.. it'll be too harsh of me, that way. so, like i said, i could fill this blogpost up with the details of a recent faux pas. in anycase, i have filled up most of it with trash. plus, ma's calling me to go off to bed. ha! there'll be nightshift kotha-barta now. about which she doesn't know. i have ranted enough.

* grins and goes offline *
* picks up phone and gives a happywappy look *


little boxes said...

hmmm i agree about the men part and the blog treatment must update faster

Cinderella. said...

Aar kotha-barta kemni gelo ?!
Was it about the extinct guys ?

Gopinath said...

Okay. Now I know why you went offline.
Take care. :P

What's In A Name ? said...

arre blog-subjects ????

blog about us, co-bloggers naah.....

will be phunnn readin!