Monday, August 25, 2008

Home? No Way.

I tried searching for Home here but little did I realize that Home is where you express, where you can be yourself. Home is where the sparks of rain don't hurt and where sunshine doesn't burn.. where your thoughts and your words are not confined to the yellowed pages of a diary..

At times like these I miss Home like hell. And somehow my ability to express now-a-days has been confined to writing in my diary or smsing a very dear friend(who's going through the same plight.).. It seems as if I've lost my ability to show people what I feel. What others mistake as patience, is inability. All I do now-a-days is keep things inside, let everything settle inside.

I think I'm growing up. Seeing people change at the drop of a hat is shocking but somehow I'm taking it. People get bored of others here. You aren't COOL if you don't indulge in gossip. Somehow I'm a little taken aback, yes. And I can feel the delusion setting in.

I really think I'm growing up.. This isn't Home. Home is where you don't have to hide under the pillow or the Teddy to cry yourself to sleep. This place isn't Home. No, it isn't.


Arjun said...

home is where your heart is....
the heart is generally where the family is!!!

Yes - times will change and so will you!

Take it one step at a time and I guarantee you that the process of adapting will be fun!!


lov'n'hugs buli!!

little boxes said...

it never will be...but remember it teaches you things which your home never does!
and yes,you are growing up and i'm proud of you
p.s:phone tulish na keno?

Fishy! said...

Stuff happens. Getting into University and watching people change is always a little unnerving. You just have to live and let live. Life goes on.
Things will be fine. *hug*
Hang in there.

Pongy Papaya said...

definitely isn't ... nothing like home.but janish u end up making a family of your nowalien surroundings ultimately .. u WILL cry at graduation .. so hang on there and now ofcourse there's some tonic stuff too
spoke to BB..SMS E..
read beads r post on the similar thing..
love u both