Saturday, August 30, 2008


It's difficult here and we know it. Tiring classes, hectic schedules, washing clothes, running to uni., eating the rotten food here, whining sometimes, missing home. And in between all that, your words seem like a breath of fresh air. :) Believe me, all this would have really difficult had you not been here. Thank you.

Your eyes, your words and your faith and hope. Thanks for all of it. :)

Thank you for You!

*hug hug*


Pongy Papaya said...


hmm... *knowing look*


SMM said...

Hmmmm...anyway we'l be in Cal for Pujo so we'l cya then

little boxes said...

u dont tell me anything nowadays

Arjun said...

nice to see you smiling!

Moon Strummer said...

@Pongy Papaya

you know.. :P

Yaay! :D

@Little Boxes
Shob bolbo. when we meet.

* smiles again *