Friday, August 15, 2008

Your Eyes.

Your moonshine glow is trapped in pieces of words pressed in the pages of my mind. It's something that you do with your kaleidoscope eyes. You have my sky in your eyes.. puddles of unspoken, unwritten words that create in rhyme our gossamer fairytale. You have my world in those beautiful, expressive eyes - broken, shattered shards of my existence that look close to perfect in your eyes.. that look complete in your eyes.. I want to capture the twinkle of your eyes in my poesy.. I want to gather words just to make those eyes a part of my half-dreamed, half-lived life.. You smile through those eyes... and the purple of your eyes shines through..

Your eyes bring a silly, absent-minded little girlish half-smile onto my face.. It's what you do to me.. *smiles*

P.S.: My laptop still hasn't arrived. But I couldn't keep my hands off this laptop that Piggy brought to hostel. To other bloggers, will be back soon. Promise. :)


What's In A Name ? said...

hope u a fine and doin well.

phoenix said...

cant wait for you to come back


Gopinath said...

Oof! Kyan chhora hain!!!