Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back To The Grind!

The holidays slipped past by like the blink of an eye. It feels as if it was just yesterday that we boarded the train and spent an entire journey talking aaboltaabol, and waiting for us to arrive at Kolkata. Thirteen days just past without us even understanding. The Pujos were fun. I've never had so much fun during the Pujos holidays even in school. Met up with friends. Ate, slept, ate, slept. Visited relatives. Ate, slept, ate, slept. Metro rides. Running around like mad. Walking around aimlessly. Chance encounters. Oh what fun! ;) And I grew up a little as well!

The journey back today was rather fun. Chicken sandwiches, naps and a little kid who kept us entertained. Neal, his name is! The generationext Govinda of Bollywood. :P With a fetish for Cadburys' Bytes and an overprotective mother.
The car ride back to the hostel was comfortable but the shitty music kept pissing us off. Well, came back and am back to the grind. Unpacked. Clean up the room and washed clothes. :( My roommates are still not back. The block is still half-empty. There's a kind of weird loneliness, and those who are back are sleeping. SLEEPYHEADS!!

I spoke to the Little 'Un on Skype (a completely new experience for him!) and to the Special One on sms. Ma's a little down.. Ghor khaali khaali laagchhe she says. :( Baba's a little worried too.

Well, university starts tomorrow though I have no clue how 'cause only thirteen girls and ten boys have returned today. Nevertheless, we're back to the grind!

P.S. : I still don't know whether to make this blog private or not. Please help?


phoenix said...


im so sad u r gone n i cudnt even meet you this time :(


dont worry sweetie things will settle down again and soon u ll be home in the winter break

but that time u will just HAVE to meet me

What's In A Name ? said...

private kore laav ki ??? ei bhalo achhe.