Monday, October 27, 2008

A Happy Diwali Post.

I might be away from Home but the festival of lights remains the same. I don't burst crackers as a rule but every year lighting candles with Maa is one of my favourite home-rituals - Choddo Prodeep. This year I lit candles outside our room. Sadly, I couldn't light fourteen candles. The matron said people had to pass so not many candles. Plus, not many candles have been bought. Shall light some tomorrow as well. We have a Diwali Party by juniors tomorrow, I think, in protest of the party by the seniors today because we hadn't been invited. Not that I care much; I hate crowds and the food will most probably be vegetarian. :(

Anyway, Happy Diwali to all of you. :) May the festival of Lights bring fireworks of joy and prosperity to your lives. Have a safe Diwali while I sulk about missing home. :( :(


What's In A Name ? said...

A Very happy Diwali to you!!!!!

and why no potkaas ???

Phoenix said...

wishing you a very happy diwali

Moon Strummer said...

@what's in a name?
Arre! i had watched a documentary on these kids in factories who make patakas. they injure themselves while they make these crackers. taii don't burst them.

:) to you too.

Fishy! said...

It's nice to see how much you're growing up. :)
Happy Diwali!

little boxes said...

awww my baby...u look so cute!