Friday, October 31, 2008

teenage angst.

i think i'm far from teenage angst.
yet when we have our backs to each other,
i dream about the patch of dreamy rainbowsky
that surrounds you..

their voices seem to rise above the din in my head.
and even if i walked away today, trying hard
to hold my thoughts running amok, i
felt your scent pressed in between our stories.
the pages i write about you, about those eyes
that have haunted me eversince
i ran through the rain, alone.
and, whenever those buckets of moonlight
rain on me in the dead of the night
i remember your face,
staring at me during the gaps
between our mindless laughter,
half-embarrassed, half-delighted
at the jokes we crack.

maybe we are the couldhavebeen
that could have been real.
yet we might remain
just a tethered memory
in the folds of this godforsaken town.
away from the ever-bustling crowd,
we might just an die a death everyday,
our music sinking into the purple hills,
like a lullaby to the rainclouds in mid-october.

i think i'm far from teenage angst.
yet i want this uneasy silence to last.
i want our eyes to meet all of a sudden,
your eyes staring into mine for a second and a half,
and you smiling childishly, then.

i like the way your blurred photograph
weaves a distant dream unto my skin,
and even among a horde of people
you often turn back to see if i'm there.
and even if i run far far away,
your words play like tunes in my mind.
our stories running through my veins,
and that look in your eyes i cannot seem to forget.

but we are only a figment of my mind, aren't we?
you don't pine for me in the folds of the night,
and you don't think i could be the light
you need.
you might just tuck me away in your hidden past,
like a secret no one ought to know,
just a smile that bled from destiny..
for you,i will be that tethered memory,
a scar-story on your wrists,
a make-believe reality at your fingertips.

and for all you know,
you might just be the teenage angst
that i fondly built up
as i walked away today.
the teenage angst that
could not be gathered in poesy.
only a tethered memory.
only just a tethered memory.


What's In A Name ? said...

a very matured poem on ' teenage-angst', I must say.

Pretty poem!

Sakshi said...