Monday, October 6, 2008

The red painting somehow reminded me of the BIG red suitcase I carried back home. Keeping an eye on it all of the nine and half hours during the journey back home, while the rest of them slept. Two of us played NFS and listened to music on the Ipod. Watched the starry midnight sky as the train lurched forward. But not moving an inch from near the suitcase. My BIG red suitcase! I wonder was it only clothes and books I was carrying in it. Or, did I bring a part of that life, that city here as well? I wonder why it took three guys to put it in the train when I boarded. Burden, they said! Burden! I think I DID bring that life here with me. That solitude, that quietude. The blaring music and the earphones. The silent observation. That silence. The darkness. Staying up till 4 am. Did I bring all of that home?

People live parallel lives, don't they? A family, a profession, school friends, university, clubs.. but how often do they get entangled in these lives? How often does one life dissolve into another? Isn't it difficult juggling lives? I'm a new player. Just a new player. A new clown in this circus called The Big Bad World. Called Life. I don't know the rules. And so I got disoriented. Lost my composure when I lost one life in the crowd all of a sudden. All these years, I've just watched the crowds from a distance. This time, I lost my way bigtime. Let one life dissolve into another, and let it run through my fingers like grains of sand.

The painting shook me back to consciousness. The red suitcase shouldn't be burden. The memories I carry shouldn't be burden. And it'll take some time to merge those worlds. It'll take some time for me to get used to my parallel lives. All I have to remember for now is whenever I travel from one world to the other I have to slip off from the Deya I am in one world and change into the Deya of the other realm. Strange, I know. But magical it sounds to me. :)

... And there, we were thinking why this painting costs a whooping 35K. Methinks the painting is priceless. :P

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